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My family was very pleased with the arrangement.

L. M. 12/10 Emailed to Watsons


Thank you so much. They truly were surprised and very pleased with the arrangement.

Happy Holidays.

Thank you.

M. D. 12/10 Emailed to Watsons


I just want to thank you for the beautiful arrangement that I sent. I was actually there when it was delivered and I was very pleased!

Thanks again!

J. V. 11/10 Emailed to Watsons


About a month ago we came to your store in Gilbert in need of flowers for my mom's memorial service. We asked for "tropical flowers" and did not want it to look like a funeral. Your staff was very helpful in coming up with flowers for us. My brother and his wife then called and you assisted them in coming up with flowers that would work with what we had chosen. They were trying to come up with something that could go around a picture of my mom and her husband. While what you came up with would have worked fine for that, we ended up using the flowers to go around the box urn that her ashes were contained in. Your staff did an outstanding job. I have included a picture of the arrangements you put together.

Thank you for all that you did.


K. J. 9/10 Emailed to Watsons


Thank you for the lovely arrangement no matter what the price range. Others may use you in the future.

F. P. 9/10 ________________________________________________________________________

To the staff of Watson’s Flowers

It just recently came to my attention how much above and beyond you went to assure my mother’s flowers were beautiful and lasting. Thank you all for going the extra “miles.”

D. M. 10/10 Mailed to Watsons


Thank you for the breathtaking, gorgeous floral arrangement y’all created and delivered to …today. With each and every order, you continue to become more spectacular!

R. S. 5/10 Emailed to Watsons

You and your staff went above and beyond!!! XXOO’s

Jacob, you and rose’s are my 2 new best friends!

Thanks soooooo much!

L.  4/10            Mailed to Watsons



Thank you for the beautiful arrangement.

L.S.  4/10       

Mailed to Watsons


Just wanted to let you know, Judy loved the arrangement… thank you so much.

R.P. 4/10        

Mailed to Watsons


To our friends at Watson Flowers,

We can’t thank you enough for your generosity on Valentine's Day weekend! We understand that it was a difficult time to donate and yet you did so most generously! The joy we witnessed from the residents at E.M.H.C.C. was quite priceless! Thank you again-


R. & A.  2/10 

Mailed to Watsons


I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you did delivering birthday flowers to my mother.  I called to confirm the delivery and the person on the phone was very courteous and even contacted the driver to see if the delivery had been made. I spoke to my mom later that evening and she relayed that the delivery driver was very nice and even sang to her, and that the flowers were beautiful. It helped make her birthday special even though I wasn’t there with her.  Thanks!

K.K. 2/10       

Submitted to Watson Flowers by email


 I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service I received from your shop. I live in the Chicago area and I waited till the last minute to order a gift for my 90 year old Aunt for Mother’s Day. I called Pesche’s Florist in Des Plaines and they put me in touch with your shop. It was the Friday before Mother’s Day.  The lady I spoke with was extremely courteous and helped me put tighter a fruit and candy basket which was delivered later that evening. My aunt thoroughly enjoyed it and still hasn’t stopped talking about.  After unsuccessfully trying several different websites to order a gift to be sent on time I just want to say ‘thanks so much’ for your courteous, professional and timely service.

D.B.    6/08    

Submitted to Watson Flowers by email


Watson Flower Shops (Jacob),

Thank you for coming to the rescue at the last minute for the “CARE to Taste?” fundraiser event. The centerpieces were not only beautiful, but absolutely perfect for the event! Thank you for the flowers you donated, the bubble bowls you lent, and the advice you gave.  With your contribution, we were able to raise $8700…This amount will help many people in the upcoming year. Thank you!


Sincerely, C.J.            

Thank you note mailed to Watsons


 Thank you for the wonderful flower arrangement. I do not know who to thank, but whoever you or the person responsible are, we, her family, deeply appreciate it.


M.A.  9/09      

Mailed to Watsons


 Thank you very much for handling my arrangements. It is good to know you are still in business as my late husband went to school with some of the Watsons


Love, O.         

Thank you note mailed to Watsons


 Thank you for doing such a great job on my order! My family said the planter I ordered was incredibly beautiful. Thank you for putting such thoughtful care into it. In times of loss and grief, like we are experiencing now, these kindnesses mean so much. Grateful for your kindness,


G.B. 1/10        Submitted to Watson Flowers by email


 To the team at Watsons Flowers,

Thank you for your wonderful service and help in choosing a casket spray for our step-mother.  The flowers were beautiful and stayed fresh for days and through all climates!


Love from, H. Family

Thank you note mailed to Watsons



Thanks so much for beautiful flower arrangement that you gave for the July 9 Gilbert CofC mixer at Udder Delights.  I was the lucky winner of that terrific door prize, and am still enjoying it!


I look forward to seeing you at future Gilbert Chamber Events.

All the best to you.

L, 7/09             Submitted to Watson Flowers by email


 I want to thank you so much for assisting me in ordering a peace lily plant for delivery to the funeral home in the morning, for a morning service on Saturday. They gave me the information at the last minute, and you have really pulled through for me.
I appreciate it.


Regards, B.C. , 1/10

Submitted to Watson Flowers by email


 Thank You Watson Flowers, … I want to THANK YOU for the beautiful roses delivered to me from your company and sent by my husband for my birthday on Nov. 14th.. Here a week after delivery they are still doing well… thanks again


S.J.  11/09

Submitted to Watson Flowers by email


 Good morning Valerie, Laurel and all!!

 This is R.S, from the suburbs of Philly, and I wanted to express my complete satisfaction & elation for the centerpiece I ordered & was delivered on Xmas Eve.  She called me to tell me how extremely elegant, gorgeous and breathtaking it was. From that tall thin vase, beautiful candle and all those magnificent flowers…actually made her shed tears of happiness it was so overwhelming….


So again, my sincere & appreciative thanks for your outstanding arrangement & your personal care to my request…….A happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2010 New Year to you all.

R.S, 12/09

Submitted to Watson Flowers by email



Thank you very much for the attention you gave to my Grandfathers arrangement.  It looks very beautiful.  Hope you guys have a great 2010.


D.L. 12/09

Submitted to Watson Flowers by email



Your floral arrangement was absolutely the best.  It was my favorite, my children's favorite and I know John’s favorite.  Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


F.H. 12/09.  Letter sent to the customer who then sent a copy to us



On Friday morning I called from Missouri and placed an order with Sue at the Main Street location. She said she would be arranging the flowers herself. The bouquet was for her 50th birthday. She was so happy that she cried. We just want to say thank you to you Sue for the wonderful personalized service that you gave us.

When families are separated by miles it's important to let their loved ones, including very special in-laws, know how much we love them. Thank you again for your part in that.

J. N., H. D., and Family


Dear Watsons Staff- Thank you so much for the wonderful flowers you did for our parent’s 50th wedding anniversary. They were so pretty & smelled amazing. Our parents were very pleased as was the whole family.

Thanks again, D.M. & L.M.


Thank you for the incredible job in delivering flowers-despite all the time changes and address change, you came through like a champion. That’s why I always recommend your shop.



Watson Flowers and Susan,
I want to thank you and especially Susan, so very much for making the beautiful arrangement for my mother’s funeral…The flowers were beautiful and truly made a wonderful presentation surrounding her urn.

C. I.


Simply wanted to express my sincere THANK YOU for the exquisite, gorgeous flowers that were in Mesa for Mothers Day…. She told me that they were the most beautiful arrangement that she had ever seen.

Best regards, R. S..


Dear Watson's,

Our mother passed on March 17th. All the floral arrangements were made in person at your shop. Family and friends from around the country arranged for flowers via telephone with you. This note is written to express our complete and total satisfaction with each and every arrangement. At a difficult time for our family we very much appreciated the services you provided. Thank you kindly,

M. J.


I had ordered an arrangement from you for her birthday last year and she LOVED it so she knew exactly who to call this time!

C. F.

We want to thank Amanda in the Gilbert shop (Val Vista/Guadalupe) for her wonderful customer service and her fantastic job on our funeral plant/silk flower arrangement.. Job well done!

D. G.

I received from Watson Flowers for my Birthday in March 2008 the most beautiful arrangement sent by my Sister thru Watson Flowers…they were “absolutely splendid” and Oh My Gosh – did they last….THANK YOU SO MUCH, I REALLY APPRECIATE IT.

Regards, A. R.

Thank you so very much “Vanessa”, really appreciate the service!

T. D.

The colors and floral varieties in the arrangements have been outstanding. Never viewed any better!

Watson Staff, For the 2nd Christmas in a row, we have been “blessed” with an outstanding floral creation, from your shop. You are masters of your craft. Many, many thanks for such beauty.



Thank you the flowers were beautiful…we used them both in the church service and at the burial. Will certainly use your services in the future.

S. C.

Thanks so much for the beautiful easel spray made for my good mall friend by Ann Marie at the Val Vista Store. The funeral arrangement received many compliments. We have always been very pleased with your arrangements but this one was especially beautiful.

Thank you, Mr. & Mrs. R. M.

To whom it may concern,

We recently lost our father and had dozens of flower arrangements sent by many different florists. “Watson’s” is the only ones that put the information, description of the arrangement on the back of the cards. The mortuary just plucked all the cards off and we have no idea who sent what – except the several ones that came from your business.

We want to thank you, it was so great to know what was actually sent. A very good business practice!

A. C.

Watson’s Flowers,

Here is the coupon for the Father’s Day bouquet that I ordered. Thank you for your good service.

D. F.

Watson’s Flower Shop
Dear Friends,
I wanted you to know how much I loved my corsage this year for Mother’s Day. I wore the orchid corsage for the fifth Sunday in a row. Each time I received more compliments of the freshness. Each Sunday I get home, I put the corsage in the plastic bag, than the bag and it stays in my refrigerator. My son…has bought me and his wife for Mother’s Day since 1989….
The V.I.P. message I’m sending now is a great Thank You! For all of our flowers & corsages from Watson’s.

With love and appreciation,
V. H.

Thank you for supporting the Arredondo Golf Scholarship event..

B. A.

Thank you so much for the beautiful flowers! The vase is outstanding as well. So many patients have commented on their beauty! Send some business cards!

K. F., M.D.

Watson Flower Shop,
Dear Sirs: I can see why you are celebrating your 80th Anniversary because of the kind service you rendered to me on 5/17/07. We had returned from a trip on the 16th and found a notice that flowers had been delivered to a neighbor on the day before Mother’s Day. When we picked them up, they were spent (the flowers). They were from my grandchildren. When I called your shop a courteous young man said he’d replace the arrangement. The one he sent was lovely and much appreciated. You can be sure I’ll tell all my friends about your service. .

Thank you,
M. J.

The company has a website that is very easy to use. I was able to select a flower arrangement from the displays shown in various categories of events. My wife made the call and gave them our selection and they were friendly and assured us the flowers would be delivered to the church on time. The arrangement was very beautiful and they delivered them on time as they promised..

R. G.

Watson Flower Shops: Thank you so very much for the prize of one dozen magnificent red roses. They have been brightening my days.

I dearly love flowers & I’m real glad that there is a quality florist so close to my home!

Thanks again. Having a rosey outlook on life.

P. B.

Just wanted to drop a quick line to tell you all......THANK YOU!!!!

My girlfriend received an absolutely beautiful arrangement that was exactly what I had ordered…….and it was on time!!!

I like to use local businesses as much as I can, but have been disappointed several times in doing so. BUT…..No disappointment this time!!! It is so very gratifying to have a good business right close by in the neighborhood. Thank you for renewing my confidence and becoming the newest member of my “go to” list.

Thank you again……And have a GREAT day!!!!

G. U.

Watson Flower Shops: Thank you so very much for the prize of one dozen magnificent red roses. They have been brightening my days.

I dearly love flowers & I’m real glad that there is a quality florist so close to my home!

Thanks again. Having a rosey outlook on life.

P. B.

You always do such a wonderful job and everyone is so nice on the phone. Thank you. You’re Great!


Have used them for years. Very professional – beautiful arrangements.

A. of AZ

We found Watson Flower Shops on the internet and they went the extra mile to create a very nice flower and balloon arrangement, working with our limited budget. It really cheered up the family member who received it. We would use Watson Flower Shops again.

A. of CA